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0000520XdebugUncategorizedpublic2010-02-03 10:43
Reporterotto Assigned Toderick  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2.0.0dev 
Summary0000520: NetBeans crashes at end of session
DescriptionI'm running NetBeans 6.8. And I'm trying to debug a drupal-project.

When I stop at a break point, expand and view the contents of some variables (Arrays) and then continue the execution netbeans freaks out and starts popping up an infinite amount of socket exception windows.
Additional InformationIn the netbeans log I get messages like these: (the last one is repeated many times)
I've put the xdebug remote_log here:
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Operating SystemOS X 10.6.2
PHP Version5.3.0


has duplicate 0000530 resolvedderick Socket Exception occoured Error with php 5.3.1+NB 6.8+xdebug 2.0.5 on opensuse 11.1 64bit 



2010-01-11 22:39

administrator   ~0001273

Hmm, this looks like netbeans is doing something strange. I am not a netbeans developer so I can't help you with this.


2010-01-11 22:49

reporter   ~0001275

But it's working fine with an older xdebug snapshots (middle of october). Should I still check this with the netbeans devs?


2010-01-11 23:04

administrator   ~0001276

I don't know what that error could be, it could be that PHP/Xdebug crashes but you didn't mention anything like that. If that's the case, please provide a backtrace. See the following URL on how to do that:


2010-01-11 23:12

reporter   ~0001277

Sorry, but there is no sign of php crashing. When I have the time I will try to figure out from which revision this behaviour starts.


2010-01-11 23:24

administrator   ~0001279

If you can, please provide a *short* reproducable script, and a remote_log that contains only communications for a single debugging session. The one you provided contained many more.


2010-01-11 23:37

reporter   ~0001280

Sorry about the old log, this one is slighty smaller. I made sure there was no previous xdebug.log before starting this session.

I will try to create a short script.


2010-01-15 10:42

reporter   ~0001282

I've put up a testcase here:

I put a breakpoint on line 6. Then expand and view the contents of the $form variable. This seems to put netbeans in an infinite loop. It's causing a forever growing xdebug.log file and uses all cpu. So I will create a ticket for this over there.


2010-01-30 10:17

administrator   ~0001290

From the logs it looks like netbeans runs "property_get" after the script has ended... don't know why, but that is what happens.


2010-02-03 10:43

administrator   ~0001315

(I can see this clearly as a netbeans issues btw)

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