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0000053XdebugStep Debuggingpublic2020-03-12 17:03
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Summary0000053: feature_get

supported should not be abused as feature value

Additional Information

[17:37] derick: which one?
[17:37] hm?: mom
[17:38] hm?: language_supports_threads and supports_async
[17:38] derick: ah, in those case they're not "set"
[17:38] hm?: and you don't add protocol_version to the init xml set
[17:39] derick: will fix that
[17:39] hm?: seems confusing to me
[17:39] derick: let's see specs
[17:40] derick: ah
[17:40] hm?: it says the feature setting is the content of the response tag
[17:40] derick: yeah
[17:40] derick: it should return 1 or 0 and supported=true
[17:40] hm?: yup

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PHP Version4.3.0



2004-03-25 20:04

administrator   ~0000114

Fixed in CVS.

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