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0000546XdebugRemote Debuggingpublic2017-08-14 15:45
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Summary0000546: None of debug clients are able to see variables produced by php "extract()" function
DescriptionNone of debug clients are able to see variables produced by php "extract()" function if these variables are not used somewhere in the current scope.
I checked this issue with Eclipse, Netbeans, Notepad++ dbg-plugin and XDebugClient, using XDebug v2.1.0-dev and PHP 5.2.5.

I don't know whether it depends on xdebug or not, but if it does somehow it would be nice to inform a debug client to show variables produced by call of extract() function.
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PHP Version5.2.5


has duplicate 0001399 resolvedderick Dynamic variables not reported 



2014-12-08 14:56

reporter   ~0002930

Have also seen this problem with 2.2.6 on php 5.4.35 - using netbeans, hover over the variable name that newly created by extract(), it does not returns any visible value, but the debugging works / shows correct flow.


2017-08-14 15:45

reporter   ~0004395

This affects PhpStorm (2017.2.1).

Can the severity be revised? This causes the debugger to fail to show defined variables, implicitly sending the messages that these are not set. I would not qualify misleading developers about the state of a variable in a very frequent scenario as a minor issue.

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