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0000588XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2014-02-27 20:03
ReporterkipelovetsAssigned Toderick 
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Summary0000588: native functions overweight in xdebug profiler output

i have a problem with xdebug on a FreeBSD server. on that server xdebug profiler's cachegrind files say that executing time of native functions (such as DOMDocument::load() or XSLTStylesheet::importStylesheet) is about 50% of total script execution time. and with profiler turned off those functions work for less than 0.1%

on my own Ubuntu computer there are no such deviations in profiler output, so i think the problem is connected with some configuration-specific issues. where should i look to identify that problem?
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Operating SystemFreeBSD
PHP Version5.3.2



2014-02-27 20:03

administrator   ~0002723

I don't think there is a bug, if this is still a problem, please refer to the support mechanisms at (mailinglist is probably best).

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