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0000603XdebugUncategorizedpublic2020-03-12 17:01
ReporterDraeli Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.1.0 
Summary0000603: Idea : change CSS style presentation

En :
Actually 'xdebug-var-dump' class is use to have personnalized Css but it's not possible to do deep style change, can you used 'span' (and a named class on each different tag) instead tag 'i/u/small' and other ?

Fr :
Actuellement la classe 'xdebug-var-dump' est utilisé pour personnalisé le style CSS mais il n'est pas possible de changer le style en profondeur. Pourriez vous utilisé la balise 'span' (et une classe spécifique pour chaque balise différente) à la place des tags comme 'i/u/small' et autres ?

Example :

Actually (capture with Firebug) :
<pre dir="ltr" class="xdebug-var-dump">
<i>private</i> '__arrMethod' <font color="#888a85">=></font>
<b>array</b> 'coucou' <font color="#888a85">=></font>
<i>public</i> 'plop' <font color="#888a85">=></font> <small>string</small> <font color="#cc0000">'je suis la variable plop'</font> <i>(length=24)</i>

After :
<pre dir="ltr" class="xdebug-var-dump">
<span class="typeObject">object</span><span class="syntaxBracketOpen">(</span><span class="objectName">api\Obj</span><span class="syntaxBracketEnd">)</span><span class="syntaxHookOpen">[</span><span class="id">17</span><span class="syntaxHookEnd">]</span>
<span class="varAccessPrivate">private</span> <span class="varName">'__arrMethod'</span> <span class="as">=></span>
<span class="typeArray">array</span> <span class="arrayKey">'coucou'</span> <span class="as">=></span>
<span class="typeObject">object</span><span class="syntaxBracketOpen">(</span><span class="objectName">Closure</span><span class="syntaxBracketEnd">)</span><span class="syntaxHookOpen">[</span><span class="id">16</span><span class="syntaxHookEnd">]</span>
<span class="varAccessPublic">public</span> <span class="varName">'plop'</span> <span class="as">=></span> <span class="typeString">string</span> <span class="varValue">'je suis la variable plop'</span> <span class="length">(length=24)</span>

with a Css style
<style type="text/css">
.xdebug-var-dump{border:1px dotted #00f;color:#000;padding:4px;background:#eee;}
.xdebug-var-dump .syntaxBracketOpen{color:#1a8f40;}
.xdebug-var-dump .syntaxBracketEnd{color:#1a8f40;}
.xdebug-var-dump .objectName{font-style:italic;color:#0c3f3e;}
.xdebug-var-dump .syntaxHookOpen{color:#9f1d6c;}
.xdebug-var-dump .syntaxHookEnd{color:#9f1d6c;}
.xdebug-var-dump .id{color:#56235f;}
.xdebug-var-dump .as{color:#8f8411;}
.xdebug-var-dump .length{font-size:.9em;color:#210d6f;}
.xdebug-var-dump .varAccessPrivate{color:#9f1326;}
.xdebug-var-dump .varAccessProtected{color:#13469f;}
.xdebug-var-dump .varAccessPublic{color:#139f5b;}
.xdebug-var-dump .varName{color:#7f1769;}
.xdebug-var-dump .varValue{color:#ef0e17;}
.xdebug-var-dump .typeObject{font-weight:700;color:#4f4205;}
.xdebug-var-dump .typeArray{color:#8f641a;}
.xdebug-var-dump .typeString{color:#6f670d;}
.xdebug-var-dump .typeBoolean{color:#5c6f0d;}
.xdebug-var-dump .arrayKey{color:#279f91;}

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PHP Version5.3.3



2010-08-13 08:24

administrator   ~0001555

I could; but it requires a lot of extra data to be generated, something that I rather not do. Is this really important?


2010-08-13 10:12

reporter   ~0001560

I don't know if that's absolutly important but I know I win time in my development debug when I can quickly repair an error type and read all part of error. With a color syntax more advanced, I think mind can associate more quickly an error group.

Example : I forgot a syntax point, I can associate the associate type error with red color. Now, next time, I see a red error, mind knows "oh, damn error syntax" and read details error isn't necessary.

In my error handler, actually I associate colors with error type (Exception, Php type error, ....) and I see the time winning by this process.


2016-12-12 19:08

administrator   ~0004039

I am closing this, because it will generate a lot of extra HTML, and nobody else requested this feature.

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