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0000604XdebugUncategorizedpublic2011-08-17 18:44
Reportercitrusmoose Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.1.0 
Summary0000604: profiler_output_name: Using %R causes no output on some requests

It appears that if I use %R in profiler_output_name, my GET requests (which have a good bit of parameters) won't produce any output. However, the ajax POST requests that are triggered on the GET requests' completion do have output. I'm assuming this has something to do with file name length. POST requests obviously won't have very long names, while GET requests will.

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Operating SystemLinux (SUSE SLES 10 SP2)
PHP Version5.3.3


duplicate of 0000693 resolvedderick Profiling: cachegrind files not written when filename exceeds 260 characters 



2010-08-13 08:27

administrator   ~0001558

Yeah, filename length is most certainly the case. Could you provide a long GET URL please to shows this issue?


2010-08-13 14:43

reporter   ~0001561


Being that 255 is the longest file name you can have, this URL is one character over the longest request you can have without it failing to produce output. This is assuming your profiler_output_name is set to "cachegrind.out.%R".


2011-08-17 18:44

administrator   ~0001789

This is a duplicate of 0000693, which is fixed for 2.1.3 and 2.2.

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