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0000064XdebugInstallationpublic2004-06-09 08:07
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Summary0000064: xdebug_base64_encode not redefined for xdebug_xml.c

There's a #define changing xdebug_base64_encode to php_base64_encode when PHP has it(via xdebug_compat).
xdebug_xml.c doesn't reffer to xdebug_compat, so xdebug_base64_encode stays as is, and is unresolved in the Shared-Object.

Additional Information

Adding the following to xdebug_xml.c solves the problem.

#include "php.h"
#include "main/php_version.h"
#include "xdebug_compat.h"

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Operating SystemOSF4.0f
PHP Version5.0.0-dev



2004-06-09 08:07

administrator   ~0000142

Fixed in CVS (2.0.0-dev), thanks for the report.

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