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0000649XdebugInstallationpublic2011-01-10 21:51
ReporterscoopexAssigned Toderick 
Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
PlatformLinuxOSSUSE SLES 11 / Ubuntu 10.10OS Version
Product Version2.1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000649: Installation prefix not properly handeled
DescriptionI want to install xdebug to a dedicated directory without
using the root account.
The "--prefix" flag of "configure" is not handled properly.

This bug also causes to break the installation of phing using pear as non-root user user.
(Pear automatically downloads and installes xdebug)
Steps To ReproduceMy installation process:
export INSTALLDIR="/tmp/broken-xdebug"
export XDEBUG_RELEASE="2.1.0"

tar zxf xdebug-${XDEBUG_RELEASE}.tgz
cd xdebug-${XDEBUG_RELEASE}
./configure --enable-xdebug --prefix=$INSTALLDIR/xdebug
make install

After invoking "make install" i get the following error message:
Installing shared extensions: /usr/lib/php5/20090626/
cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/lib/php5/20090626/#INST@12385#': Permission denied
make: *** [install-modules] Error 1
Additional InformationPatching the makefile after running the "configure", "make", "make install" by the following procedure can be used as a dirty workaround:

perl -i -pe "~s;^EXTENSION_DIR.*\$;EXTENSION_DIR = $INSTALLDIR/extensions/;" Makefile
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Operating System
PHP Version5.3.3



2011-01-02 18:08

administrator   ~0001625

The configure script is created by PHP's phpize command; if the prefix option doesn't work, the bug is likely in that script. Please file a bug report at

However, you don't need "make install" for Xdebug to work. You can just copy modules/ after compilation to whatever location you want, and then use zend_extension=/full/path/to/


2011-01-02 18:56

reporter   ~0001626

That`s bad - xdebug installation also fails while installing phpunit with coverage support without beeing root. (This is the source of my problem)

I discovered that setting the following environment variable would be a workaround:
make INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/test install
I´m not very experienced extension development and the tools related to this - maybe you can provide some information about what should be the correct solution.


2011-01-10 21:50

administrator   ~0001638

This is still not a bug, and let's not discuss support issues in the bug tracker (Feel free to write to the mailinglist!)

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