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0000070XdebugFeature/Change requestpublic2006-01-24 23:06
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Summary0000070: Add feature_get breakpoint_types
Description(21:49:07) Shane: I'm thinking of this:
feature_get breakpoint_types

<response ..... types="line conditional exception"/>
(21:50:02) Derick: that sounds fine to me, but I'd prefer "," to separate types
(21:50:55) Shane: we use some seperation in another attribute somewhere else, we should match whatever that is. I don't remember if it was space or comma.
(21:51:07) Derick: yes, that's fine
(21:51:15) Derick: i don't remember either :)
(21:51:25) Shane: the common seperation I've seen in other stuff has been space (eg. class attributes for html)
(21:51:39) Derick: ok
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2004-07-09 17:07

administrator   ~0000148

Suspending for now.


2005-07-31 15:06

reporter   ~0000268

I'd like to see this implemented.
Isn't is as simple as adding:

            xdebug_xml_add_text(*retval, "line");
            xdebug_xml_add_attribute(*retval, "supported", "1");

To DBGP_FUNC(feature_get) in file xdebug_handler_dbgp.c (~ line 1290 of CVS 2005-07-31)?

(Assuming xdebug onlyt supports line breakpoints ofcourse)



2005-07-31 15:16

reporter   ~0000269

The line should read:

xdebug_xml_add_text(*retval, xdstrdup("line"));

of course...


2006-01-24 23:06

administrator   ~0000365

Added in CVS.

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