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0000745Xdebug(No Category)public2014-03-12 21:53
ReporteraaronromanAssigned Toderick 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformmacOSlionOS Version10.7.2
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000745: Debug variables do show, but too slow in eclipse
DescriptionOn eclipse with PHPEclipse and doing remote debug, variables shows too slow, in all debug steps and breakpoints. The variables spend around 5 - 10 seconds to show in screen.

Eclipse v3.7.1
PHPEclipse v 1.2.3
xDebug v2.1.1
PHP v5.3.6
Apache 2.2.17
Steps To ReproduceRemote debug with Eclipse.
Insert breakpoint
First step (10 seconds to show some variable)
and it continue with the same slowly speed
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Operating Systemmacos lion
PHP Version5.3.6



2012-03-12 16:47

administrator   ~0001975

How do you know whether this is an Xdebug issue rather than an Eclipse issue?


2012-04-27 23:52

administrator   ~0002107



2012-04-28 15:55

reporter   ~0002115

Hi derick, sorry for my late reply.

It's possible that the problem is Eclipse, but we were trying with the same version (eclipse) on different OS, and we only had this problem in macos.

Let me know if I can help you in any other way.

Thank you


2014-02-27 19:34

administrator   ~0002702

Show me that Xdebug is slowing things down. A wireshark dump will tell me, so please make one if you really believe this is an issue with Xdebug. I don't believe it is.


2014-03-12 21:53

administrator   ~0002767

Closing this out as I can't reproduce it and no feedback was provided. Please re-open if this issue returns.

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