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Summary0000759: XDebug remote debug hangs when php file debugged calls another php file with auto_start enabled

I have xdebug.remote_autostart enabled to be able to debug files not requested by user browser and this is essential for me.
In my index.php file there is request for another php file like md5('http://myserver/another.php'). When I'm stepping in debugger through index.php file when I reach this line execution hangs for timeout time and after that result of md5 function is false.
This means that under debugging index.php files behaves differently. And as time of execution of index.php is limited for several seconds by third party service it mades my service totally unavailable when it's under debug.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Setup Apache with next files in www dir:

php_value xdebug.remote_autostart 1
php_value xdebug.remote_enable 1

<?php md5('http://localhost/another.php');

<?php echo 1;

  1. Configure client debugger accordingly.

  2. Run browser at 'http://localhost/index.php'

Here you can see that execution hangs for dozens of seconds which is not acceptable.

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Operating SystemLinux
PHP Version5.2.10



2016-11-27 19:54

administrator   ~0003800

This is very likely because some IDEs/ debugging clients do not allow or cater for more than one debugging connection at the same time - instead, they queue the incoming connections. This is not something that I can fix in Xdebug.

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