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Summary0000895: xdebug never stops on single-line statements

Xdebug never stops on break-points on single-line statements.

But it works if you surround single-line statement with curly braces.

Steps To Reproduce

Consider following php code

if ($d=="Fri")
echo "Have a nice weekend!";
echo "Have a nice day!";

If I set break-point on second echo debugger will never stop there. But if I surround it with curly braces (like in case of first echo) it will.

It's quite unfortunate behavior which complicates debugging.

Additional Information

This behavior tested in following IDEs:

1) Intellij IDEA 11
2) PhpStorm 5.0.2
3) Notepad++ with DBGP Plugin v0.0.13.27

Output of my phpinfo is here

Same question asked on SO is here:

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Operating System
PHP Version5.3.10


duplicate of 0000842 resolvedderick Can't debug conditional statements without a block 



2012-10-18 21:53

administrator   ~0002364

This is a duplicate of 0000842 - and sadly not something I can fix as it has to do with how the PHP interpreter assigns line numbers to generated execution units.

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