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Summary0000908: Support for set-execution-point


I previously used Nusphere's IDE when developing PHP. They have their own proprietary debug-module. Though xDebug is superior in most ways, there is a feature that I miss.

As a user you could right click any line within the current scope and select "set execution point". Unlike "run to line" this was also allowed backwards in code. Very useful when accidentally stepping to far or if you wanted to try something different. It would also allow the user to prevent lines from execution by skipping past them.

I hope you will consider implementing this feature as it allows the user to do some powerful voodoo when debugging.

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PHP Version5.3.14


duplicate of 0000888 acknowledgedderick Extend xdebug to support reverse debugging 



2016-12-11 13:00

administrator   ~0003983

This is sort of the same feature as 888, or at least, the implementation would be the same. So I'm closing this as a Duplicate.

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