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Summary0000977: Add Codebug to xdebug client list on

The list of clients on the remote page includes one standalone Mac debugger:

MacGDBP - Standalone Mac client.

MacGDBP is works fine, but there is another one with a different user interface that some people might prefer - Codebug:

I have no affiliation with Codebug other than as a reasonably satisfied user.

Steps To Reproduce

Trivial go to, look at the list under Clients, note the absence of Codebug!

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2013-09-28 12:36

administrator   ~0002558

I'm considering removing that list, or perhaps only listing the free ones. There are simply to many editors out there and I don't want to spend time keeping a list of tools where other people make money on top of Xdebug's success.


2016-11-28 20:58

administrator   ~0003816

Codebug seems to have gone away. The domain is no longer reachable for example.

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