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Summary0000098: 'longname' attribute not returned for property in context_get request

code in PHP:
function xxx() {
echo "$i aaa";
when on breakpoint on 'for' line, request is:
context_get -i 57 -c 0 -d 0
response is:
<response command="context_get" transaction_id="57"><property name="i" type="uninitialized"></property><property name="_COOKIE" fullname="$_COOKIE" address="4629936" type="array" children="0" numchildren="0"></property></response>

So the problem is there's no 'fullname' attribute for 'i' property.
Thanks in advance.

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Operating SystemMacOSX
PHP Version4.3.0



2004-11-04 23:20

administrator   ~0000206

Fixed in CVS.

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