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0000099XdebugUncategorizedpublic2004-11-05 00:10
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Summary0000099: unset variables return the name as a string with property_get
Description(16:25:54) Evgeny: one more question...
(16:26:18) Evgeny: <?php $i; ?>
(16:26:19) Derick: sure
(16:26:26) Evgeny: what's $i type in this case?
(16:26:36) Evgeny: i mean, AFTER the string with $i;
(16:27:06) Derick: nothing
(16:27:13) Derick: NULL it should be
(16:29:17) Evgeny: xdebug says string
(16:34:11) Derick: heh
(16:36:37) Derick: interesting
(16:36:42) Evgeny: and returns the value of 'i'
(16:39:02) Derick: Can you file a bug? I need to go to evening school now...
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PHP Version4.3.10-dev



2004-11-05 00:10

administrator   ~0000207

Fixed in CVS.

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