Released 2015-06-19
0001137: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Windows does not support %zu formatting for sprintf (derick)
0001140: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Tracing with __debugInfo() crashes Xdebug due to a stack overflow (derick)
0000686: [Feature/Change request] Not possible to inspect SplObjectStorage instances with Xdebug (derick)
0001130: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] PHP documentation links to local manual reference are broken at title description (derick)
0001151: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crash when another extension calls call_user_function() during RINIT (derick)
0001148: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Can't disable max_nesting_function (derick)
0001134: [Feature/Change request] Allow introspection of ArrayObject implementation's internal storage (derick)
0000996: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Can't evaluate property of class that extends ArrayObject (derick)
0001133: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] PDO exception code value type is changed (derick)
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