Not Yet Released
0001680: [Feature/Change request] Update var dumping routines to include relevant information for interned strings and immutable arrays (derick)
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Not Yet Released
0001534: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault when exception thrown in a closure bound to class scope (derick)
0001713: [Code Coverage] INIT_FCALL is not overloaded in code coverage (derick)
0001708: [Remote Debugging] Xdebug crashes on evaluating object with properties (derick)
0001709: [Installation] Wrong data type breaks tests on Big Endian build (s390) (derick)
0001705: [Remote Debugging] Crash while debugging with ionCube being used (derick)
0001699: [Profiling] Crash during debugging Phalcon project (derick)
0001665: [Remote Debugging] Segfault when overriding a function object parameter + collect_params > 0 (derick)
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Released 2019-08-26
0001540: [Code Coverage] Multiline class instantiate within method call is not covered when using php-fpm (derick)
0001573: [Profiling] Using an exception_handler creates an extra broken profiler file (derick)
0001589: [Profiling] function names used in auto_prepend_file missing from main cachegrind file (derick)
0001613: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Wrong error message for Fatal (derick)
0001652: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] The DBGp "detach" test fails with a segmentation fault (derick)
0001676: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_trace_* deinit and write_footer not called for shutdown functions (derick)
0001691: [Code Coverage] Incorrect detection: line executed is marked as not executed (derick)
0001698: [Installation] Switch PHP 7.4 Windows builds back to VS17 (derick)
0001700: [Installation] Xdebug abuses possibilty immutable class flags (derick)
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Released 2019-07-25
0001679: [Code Coverage] FETCH_STATIC_PROP_FUNC_ARG is not overloaded (derick)
0001682: [Remote Debugging] Invalid character reference (null byte) in debugger XML (derick)
0001683: [Installation] Xdebug does not compile due to changes to ASSIGN_ADD and friends operations in PHP 7.4alpha3 (derick)
0001687: [Remote Debugging] Use appropriate process ID for logging and "is this the right process" tracking (derick)
0001688: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Improve performance by using getpid() only when step debugger is active (derick)
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Released 2019-06-28
0001388: [Feature/Change request] Support 'resolved' flag for breakpoints (derick)
0001599: [Installation] Add support for PHP 7.4 (derick)
0001660: [Remote Debugging] Return breakpoints for methods don't break immediately (derick)
0001664: [Remote Debugging] Run breakpoint resolver when after a new breakpoint is added as well (derick)
0001666: [Feature/Change request] Remove xdebug.extended_info setting (derick)
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Released 2019-05-06
0001662: [Remote Debugging] __debugInfo should not be used for user-defined classes (derick)
0001488: [Remote Debugging] Rewrite property_set to use eval (derick)
0001586: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] error_reporting()'s return value is incorrect during debugger's 'eval' command (derick)
0001615: [Feature/Change request] Turn off Zend OPcache when remote debugger is turned On. (derick)
0001656: [Remote Debugging] remote_connect_back alters remote_addr_header value if multiple are used (e.g.: with multiple proxies) (derick)
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Released 2019-04-05
0001646: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Missing newline in error message (derick)
0001647: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Memory corruption when a conditional breakpoint is used (derick)
0001641: [Stacktraces] Perfomance degradation with getpid syscall (derick)
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Released 2019-03-06
0001577: [Code Coverage] Code coverage with CATCH does wrong for PHP 7.3 (derick)
0001642: [Remote Debugging] Debugger gives: "Warning: Header may not contain NUL bytes" (derick)
0001520: [Remote Debugging] Xdebug does not handle variable names with "-" in their name (derick)
0001639: [Installation] Compile warning/error on GCC 8 or Clang due to "break intentionally missing" (derick)
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Released 2019-02-15
0001625: [Remote Debugging] Work around ABI conflicts in PHP 7.3.0/PHP 7.3.1 (derick)
0001629: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] SOAP Client/Server detection code does not handle inherited classes (derick)
0001551: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Property with value null is not represented well (derick)
0001621: [Installation] Xdebug fails to compile cleanly on 32-bit platforms (derick)
0001628: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] The PHP function name being constructed to record when GC Collection runs, is not freed (derick)
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Released 2019-02-01
0001583: [Feature/Change request] Xdebug crashes when OPcache's compact literals optimisation is on (derick)
0001620: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Division by zero when GC Stats Collection runs with memory manager disabled (derick)
0001571: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] File/line information is not shown for closures in namespaces (derick)
0001578: [Installation] Compile error due to redefinition of "zif_handler" with old GCCs (derick)
0001598: [Code Coverage] Make path/branch coverage work with OPcache loaded for PHP 7.3 and later (derick)
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Released 2018-09-20
0001519: [Feature/Change request] PHP 7.3 support (derick)
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Released 2018-08-01
0001545: [Remote Debugging] Script using notice-generating eval crashes with trap 6 (derick)
0001487: [Remote Debugging] Re-enable IPv6 test on Travis (derick)
0001568: [Remote Debugging] Can't debug object properties that have numeric keys (derick)
0001557: [Installation] Compile error: "void function cannot return value", in xdebug_stack.c, line 1159 (derick)
0001556: [Stacktraces] PHP with Xdebug enabled crashes when register_shutdown_function() is called with a function named call_user_func*something*() (derick)
0001543: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Various memory leaks due to changes in (internal) string handling (derick)
0001532: [Remote Debugging] SIGABRT when using remote debugging and an error is thrown in eval() (derick)
0001525: [Stacktraces] Namespace filter does equality match instead of prefix match (derick)
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Released 2018-04-01
0000938: [Feature/Change request] Unreliable debugging of forking processes (derick)
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Released 2018-01-29
0001522: [Remote Debugging] Remote debugging test failures on s390 (Big Endian) (derick)
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Released 2018-01-23
0001521: [Installation] xdebug_gc_stats.* missing from 2.6.0RC1 tarball (derick)
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Released 2018-01-22
0001506: [Feature/Change request] Collect statistics about garbage collection (derick)
0001507: [Feature/Change request] Provide access to Zend Engine GC data (derick)
0001508: [Code Coverage] Code coverage filter not checked in xdebug_common_assign_dim handler (derick)
0001509: [Code Coverage] Code coverage missing for case inside switch with PHP 7.2 (derick)
0001510: [Installation] Change switch/case "break intentionally missing" comments to use GCC 7's new "fallthrough" attribute (derick)
0001511: [Installation] Implement CFLAGS selection as mongo-php-driver does (derick)
0001512: [Remote Debugging] Xdebug does not properly encode and escape properties with quotes and \0 characters. (derick)
0001515: [Remote Debugging] Object property names with a NULL char are cut off at NULL char (derick)
0001396: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDebug causes Notice errors when handling property_get requests (derick)
0001454: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Seeing invalid memory read or segfaults from a __call() method when running unit test (using Phockito) in php 7.1 (derick)
0001492: [Documentation] Document all new settings and features (derick)
0001503: [Remote Debugging] Undefined Property error on CLI when inspecting private property of extended class. (derick)
0001514: [Remote Debugging] (Root) Variable names with a NULL char are cut off at NULL char (derick)
0001516: [Remote Debugging] Can't fetch variables or object properties which have \0 characters in them (derick)
0001517: [Remote Debugging] Notifications incorrectly specify the error type in "type_string" instead of "type" (derick)
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Released 2017-12-28
0001437: [Feature/Change request] Add X-Xdebug-Profile-Filename header (derick)
0000702: [Feature/Change request] Check whether variables tracing also works with =& (derick)
0001493: [Documentation] Run test suite for 2.6.0dev on Windows (derick)
0001498: [Feature/Change request] Make Xdebug use the new ZEND_EXTENSION API (derick)
0001502: [Code Coverage] SEND_REF lines are not marked as covered (derick)
0001059: [Feature/Change request] Add filter capabilities to tracing, stack traces, and code coverage. (derick)
0001501: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug var dump tries casting properties (derick)
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Released 2017-12-02
0001455: [Installation] Compile failure on Alpine Linux (derick)
0001384: [Installation] Big red warning during build process (derick)
0000575: [Feature/Change request] Dump super globals contents to error log (derick)
0001430: [Remote Debugging] Fix dbgpClient tests to use the TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE env var to spawn test script (derick)
0001411: [Feature/Change request] Use Error (Throwable) instead of fatal error when maximum nesting level is reached (derick)
0001380: [Feature/Change request] Add xdebug_is_debugger_active() that returns true when debugger is connected (derick)
0001377: [Feature/Change request] Drop support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 (derick)
0001474: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crashes due to variable resolving/reading mechanism not taking care of temporary hash tables correctly (derick)
0001312: [Feature/Change request] Implement DBGP's extended_properties to support names and values with \0 (derick)
0001484: [Feature/Change request] Use FD_CLOEXEC to prevent debugging FDs from leaking to forked processes (derick)
0000990: [Feature/Change request] DBGp: Add notifications for notices and warnings (derick)
0000847: [Feature/Change request] %s doesn't work in xdebug.trace_output_name (derick)
0001471: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Tracing crashes with return_assignments and ternairy operator (derick)
0001486: [Code Coverage] Crash on ZEND_SWITCH_LONG / ZEND_SWITCH_STRING (derick)
0001470: [Remote Debugging] Make connect timeout configurable (now 200ms) (derick)
0000474: [Feature/Change request] Implement memory profiling (derick)
0001495: [Feature/Change request] file_link_format add filter for doc root (derick)
0001449: [Remote Debugging] Debugging breaks with array element keys containing low-ASCII variable (derick)
0001432: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Fixed memory leak with xdebug_path_info_dtor (derick)
0001431: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Fix "use after free" with in add_name_attribute_or_element (derick)
0001420: [Code Coverage] Handle PHP 7.2's new methods for switch/case (derick)
0001323: [Feature/Change request] Add config option to enable full paths in trace output (derick)
0001272: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] property_get doesn't return attributes for SimpleXMLElement (derick)
0001452: [Installation] php_xdebug.dll 2.5.5 does not compile (anymore) with PHP 7.2.0alphs3 (derick)
0001391: [Documentation] Add backtrack for xdebug_call_class and related functions (derick)
0001379: [Feature/Change request] Add support for unix domain sockets to xdebug.remote_host (derick)
0001481: [Installation] Test suite failure on big endian (derick)
0001482: [Installation] Change Travis configuration so that it does not run tests even if the compile fails (derick)
0001305: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] "can not get property" error (derick)
0000964: [Remote Debugging] Xdebug does not parse X-Forwarded-For (derick)
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Released 2017-06-21
0001444: [Code Coverage] Code Coverage misses a variable in a multi-line function call (derick)
0001446: [Code Coverage] Code Coverage misses elseif if it uses an isset with a property (derick)
0001439: [Code Coverage] TYPE_CHECK needs overloading due to smart branches in PHP 7 (derick)
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Released 2017-05-15
0001434: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] phpunit testcases segmentation fault with PHP 7.1.4, xdebug 2.5.3 on 32-bit architectures (derick)
0000799: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xDebug Function Traces reports Base Class instead of Object Name (derick)
0001429: [Code Coverage] Coverage missed on null coalesce (derick)
0001424: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] set_time_limit() executes infinitely (derick)
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Released 2017-04-18
0001421: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug crashes when it is loaded without pcntl being present (derick)
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Released 2017-04-17
0001404: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Execution time is calculated incorretly (derick)
0001419: [Profiling] Summary not written when script ended with "pcntl_exec()" (derick)
0001413: [Code Coverage] Line is missing from code coverage (derick)
0001417: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Switching from global function to static method crashes execution (derick)
0001416: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Trace files should not include the first result of a generator if it hasn't started yet. (derick)
0001415: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crash with multiple catch constructs with OPcache loaded (derick)
0000701: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Functions as array indexes. (derick)
0001414: [Stacktraces] Missing variable assignment in traces with OPcache loaded (derick)
0001403: [Code Coverage] Code coverage does not cover BIND_STATIC (derick)
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Released 2017-02-26
0001392: [Installation] Unable to compile on FreeBSD 10.2 - error: variable has incomplete type 'struct sockaddr_in6' (derick)
0001394: [Code Coverage] Code coverage does not cover instanceof (in elseif) (derick)
0001386: [Code Coverage] Overcoming coverage issues where executable code not shown as executed/executable (derick)
0001385: [Remote Debugging] Can not fetch IS_INDIRECT private properties (derick)
0001180: [Code Coverage] Running coverage on tests that use ZF1's controller test library segfault (derick)
0001381: [Code Coverage] Code Coverage misses line due to missing FETCH_DIM_W overload (derick)
0001329: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] While printing out a stack with and function parameters, XDebug reads uninitialized zvals or free()d memory (derick)
0001300: [Feature/Change request] XDebug functions are not exposing their signature to Reflection (stof)
0001278: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug with PHP 7 does not handle prefill-from-oparray for XDEBUG_CC_UNUSED (derick)
0001313: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault on centos when `xdebug.collect_params != 1` (derick)
0001165: [Feature/Change request] Step Out skips subsequent function calls (derick)
0001057: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.ini of all parameters (derick)
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Released 2016-12-04
0001232: [Feature/Change request] Add memory delta to HTML traces (derick)
0001168: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Possible infinite loop when PHP's executor shuts down (derick)
0001242: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug on Windows with Eclipse has issues with breakpoint IDs (derick)
0001343: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] var_dump with large keys in arrays display as negative numbers (derick)
0001357: [Code Coverage] Line with function signature is reported as being not executed through code coverage (derick)
0001365: [Feature/Change request] Allow remote_connect_back to be set through XDEBUG_CONFIG (derick)
0001366: [Remote Debugging] Cannot start a debugging session on Windows (derick)
0001373: [Remote Debugging] Crash in zend_hash_apply_with_arguments when debugging, due to unset symbol table (derick)
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Released 2016-11-12
0001331: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault in code coverage (derick)
0000998: [Feature/Change request] IPv6 support (derick)
0001295: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Apache crashes (SIGSEGV) when trying to establish connection when sockfd is large (derick)
0001303: [Installation] 0000998 breaks compilation on Mac OS X (derick)
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Released 2016-08-02
0001293: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Great integer values ( bigger then 2 ^35 ) are wrong in the debug output, but right in the final php-output (derick)
0001333: [Profiling] Profiler accesses memory structures after freeing (derick)
0001326: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Tracing and generators crashes with PHP 7.1 (derick)
0001241: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug doesn't handle FAST_RET and FAST_CALL opcodes for branch/dead code analysis, and path coverage (derick)
0001263: Code coverage segmentation fault (derick)
0001246: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Seg fault when running PHPUnit with code coverage (derick)
0001106: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] A thrown Exception after a class with __debugInfo gives 2 Errors (derick)
0001291: [Installation] Debugclient installation fails on Mac OS X (derick)
0001288: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault when uncaught exception message does not contain " in " (derick)
0001282: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] var_dump() of integers > 32 bit is broken (derick)
0001277: Crash when another extension calls call_user_function() with params during RINIT (derick)
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Released 2016-03-03
0001270: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] String parsing marked not covered (derick)
0001258: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Coverage does not cover `case` statements (derick)
0001261: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] segmentation fault in with PHP7.0 version of 'pkgtools' (derick)
0001266: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_dump_superglobals() always dumps empty $_SESSION stack (even thow there are some vars) (derick)
0001267: [Installation] Fix compile failures on AIX (derick)
0001262: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_var_dump does not output as colored html (derick)
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Released 2016-01-25
0001190: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] All tests that have hard coded directory separators FAIL (derick)
0001220: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation fault if var_dump() output is too large (derick)
0001223: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug crashes on PHP 7 when doing a DBGp eval command (derick)
0001235: [Installation] Xdebug does not compile against PHP 7.1-dev (derick)
0001236: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Unable to remove break points during debug session (derick)
0001238: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] php-fpm7.0 crashed with SIGSEGV in xdebug_var_export() (derick)
0001245: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_dump_superglobals dumps *uninitialized* for POST and GET superglobals (derick)
0001250: [Feature/Change request] Add PHP version descriptors to debugging log and profile files (derick)
0001239: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug on PHP 7.1-dev, crashes due to changes with the CATCH opcode's jump mechanism (derick)
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Released 2015-12-12
0001225: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] PHP7 x64 xdebug RC2 in PHPStorm - no local variables shown (derick)
0001221: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] long should be zend_long (derick)
0001229: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Issues with GCC 4.8, which in -O2 move removes some required code (derick)
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Released 2015-12-02
0001194: When catching assert() from php, error message is html-encoded twice, resulting in unreadable text (derick)
0001181: Derived class with __get gets called on fetching base class private property (derick)
0001189: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Remove address attribute from remote debugging responses, as they sometimes get negative and expose potential security issues (derick)
0001210: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Code Coverage Causes Segmentation Fault (derick)
0001215: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] SIGSEGV if xdebug.trace_output_dir directory does not exist (derick)
0001217: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug messes with catching Error (and inherited classes) (derick)
0001218: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug messes with the exception code, by casting it to int (derick)
0001219: [Feature/Change request] Always add file name and line number to var_dumps, and don't rely on overload_var_dump being > 1 (derick)
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Released 2015-11-21
0001129: [Feature/Change request] X-Forwarded-For is not configurable (derick)
0001109: [Feature/Change request] PHP 7 support (derick)
0001200: Differences in code coverage with php 7 (derick)
0001204: [Installation] xdebug_code_coverage.c:542:21: error: 'zend_op_array' has no member named 'brk_cont_array' (derick)
0001209: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault with building a function name for create_function (derick)
0001203: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Accessing static property of a class that has no static properties crashes while remote debugging (derick)
0001202: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Anonymous classes are not handled properly while remote debugging (derick)
0001195: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault during PHPUnit (with code coverage) (derick)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2015-11-04
0001123: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] With Xdebug 2.3.1, PHPUnit with coverage is exponentially slower than without (derick)
0001182: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Using PHPStorm with PHP 7 RC1 and xdebug 3.0-dev break points are passed by including setting break point at start of script (derick)
0001166: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Using $this in __debugInfo() causes infinite recursion (Doesn't appear to be the same as issue 0001140) (derick)
0001173: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] SIGFPE in xdebug_get_monitored_functions() (derick)
0001070: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Too many open files error with php-fpm. Connection not closed. (derick)
0001192: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Dead code analysis does not work for generators with 'return;' (derick)
0001183: [Feature/Change request] Add xdebug.show_error_trace setting to allow/disallow to show a stack trace for every Error (throwable) (derick)
0001153: [Feature/Change request] Add function monitor functionality (derick)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2015-06-19
0001137: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Windows does not support %zu formatting for sprintf (derick)
0001140: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Tracing with __debugInfo() crashes Xdebug due to a stack overflow (derick)
0000686: [Feature/Change request] Not possible to inspect SplObjectStorage instances with Xdebug (derick)
0001130: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] PHP documentation links to local manual reference are broken at title description (derick)
0001151: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crash when another extension calls call_user_function() during RINIT (derick)
0001148: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Can't disable max_nesting_function (derick)
0001134: [Feature/Change request] Allow introspection of ArrayObject implementation's internal storage (derick)
0000996: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Can't evaluate property of class that extends ArrayObject (derick)
0001133: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] PDO exception code value type is changed (derick)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2015-03-22
0001122: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation fault with PHPUnit code coverage (derick)
0001121: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault: 11 Continues (derick)
0001119: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation fault: 11 (derick)
0001117: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] phpunit with coverage reporting under 5.5.22 crashes xdebug (derick)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2015-02-24
0001113: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger and xdebug.trace_enable_trigger no longer work, due to missing shared secret (derick)
0001112: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Setting an invalid xdebug.trace_format causes Xdebug to crash. (derick)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2015-02-22
0000503: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.trace_format=1 shows no variable contents with collect_params=3/4 and collect_return=1 (derick)
0001100: [Feature/Change request] Raise default max_nesting_level to 256 (derick)
0001021: [Feature/Change request] Add support for return values to computerized trace files. (derick)
0000980: [Feature/Change request] Add a serialized format for variables when dumping (derick)
0001022: [Feature/Change request] Add support for serialized output format for collect_params. (derick)
0001023: [Feature/Change request] Add support for PHP 5.6 variadics (derick)
0001034: [Feature/Change request] Implement Branch and Path Coverage (derick)
0001024: [Feature/Change request] Add support for PHP 5.6 ASSIGN_POW (derick)
0001102: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Initiating debugging connections using "php -r" on the command line results in a segfault. (derick)
0001095: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crash when using a non-associate array key in a $GLOBALS element (derick)
0001054: [Feature/Change request] Profiler files need to support filename, function name compression (derick)
0001015: [Feature/Change request] Set display_errors and error_reporting to immutable values (derick)
0001004: [Feature/Change request] Ability to halt on warning/notice (derick)
0001084: [Feature/Change request] Add extended exception class support for break-on-exception feature (derick)
0001094: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation fault when attempting to use branch/path coverage from dev-master (derick)
0001096: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Breakpoint bottleneck in large codebase (derick)
0001111: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] eval does not work when debugger is stopped in xdebug_throw_exception_hook (derick)
0000495: [Feature/Change request] "exception" breakpoint, add type which responds to any error type. (derick)
0000310: [Feature/Change request] Allow class vars for xdebug_debug_zval() (derick)
0000341: [Feature/Change request] Add time of exit for normal trace files (derick)
0000380: [Feature/Change request] need xdebug_code_coverage_started (derick)
0000406: [Feature/Change request] Need to see PHP defines/constants (derick)
0000416: [Feature/Change request] Add return value to computer readable trace format (derick)
0000304: [Feature/Change request] File name and line number info for var_dump() (derick)
0000644: [Feature/Change request] Shared secret for profiler_enable_trigger (derick)
0000722: [Feature/Change request] Add stack trace limit setting (derick)
0000863: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.overload_var_dump cannot be altered with ini_set() at runtime (derick)
0000932: [Feature/Change request] Show an error if Xdebug can't open the remote debug log. (derick)
0000971: [Feature/Change request] Cannot use xdebug_get_tracefile_name() output for xdebug_start_trace() (derick)
0000973: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Breakpoints not triggered on case-insensitive file systems in files autoloaded by spl_autoload (derick)
0000982: [Feature/Change request] Incorrect file paths in exception stack trace (derick)
0001003: [Feature/Change request] Add option to xdebug_print_function_stack() to suppress filename and line number (derick)
0001066: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] E: Could not connect to client. :-( (derick)
0001101: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Debugger is not triggered on xdebug_break() in jit mode (derick)
0001103: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP_NO_EXEC only stops first script executed with auto_prepend|append_files (derick)
0001104: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] "Notice: Corrupt member variable name" on 1-character static property (derick)
0001105: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Setting properties without specifying a type only works in topmost frame (derick)
37 issues View Issues
Released 2015-01-22
0001083: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_break() "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" when remote debugging (derick)
0001098: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug doesn't make use of __debugInfo (derick)
0001088: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug wont show dead and not executed lines at the 2nd time (derick)
0001087: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation Fault when calling zend_eval_string from RINIT (derick)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2014-11-15
0001072: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Dereferencing NULL pointer opline to get a lineno (derick)
0000960: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Apache crashes on xdebug_start_code_coverage (derick)
0001085: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Tracefile analyser script doesn't understand new format (derick)
0001075: [Feature/Change request] Segmentation fault when "call_user_func" is invoked inside an internal function (derick)
0001073: Segmentation Fault 11 when nesting call_user_func_array (derick)
0001048: Can not get $GLOBAL variable by property_value on function context (derick)
0001025: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug does not reject wrong breakpoint types (-t) (derick)
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Released 2014-04-29
0001038: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] I'm able to debug only once (derick)
0001040: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] E: Could not connect to client. :-( (derick)
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Released 2014-03-01
0000963: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug wait response from remote client and hang up apache php mod (derick)
0000987: [Feature/Change request] Hidden property names not shown (derick)
0000976: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDebug crashes if current varibles scope contains COM object (derick)
0000979: [Feature/Change request] It would be good if property_value recognized that -m 0 requests all bytes, not zero bytes (derick)
0000785: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] The Xdebug Profiler does not handle closures and call_user_func_array well (derick)
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Released 2013-05-22
0000923: copy of issue 0000883, Xdebug + Netbeans + ext/MongoDB crash on MongoCursor instance (derick)
0000929: Directory name management in xdebug.profiler_output_dir (derick)
0000931: xdebug_str_add does not check for NULL str before calling strlen on it. (derick)
0000935: [Documentation] Document the return value from xdebug_get_code_coverage() (derick)
0000947: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Newlines converted when html_errors = 0 (derick)
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Released 2013-03-23
0000629: [Installation] compile failed... (derick)
0000920: [Installation] AM_CONFIG_HEADER is depreciated (derick)
0000811: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] PHP Documentation Link (derick)
0000818: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Require a php script in the PHP_RINIT causes Xdebug to crash (derick)
0000903: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_get_headers() returns replaced headers (derick)
0000625: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_get_headers() -> Headers are reset unexpectedly. (derick)
0000598: [Feature/Change request] Use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to determine remote debugger (derick)
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Released 2012-07-14
0000868: Socket Exception in Netbeans (derick)
0000800: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] var_dump(get_class(new foo\bar')) add an extra "\" in class name (derick)
0000821: [Feature/Change request] Variable assignments (beginning with =>) should be indented one more scope (derick)
0000627: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] breakpoints set in symlinked files are ignored (derick)
0000832: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] There is a seg fault (11) and core dump during debugging in PhpStorm (derick)
0000835: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xDebug don't work with PHP 5.4.1 (derick)
0000837: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug crashes on some breakpoints (derick)
0000841: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug + netbeans + MySQLi => Connection reset (derick)
0000843: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Text output depends on php locale (derick)
0000831: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Debugging terminates in Eclipse when viewing variables (0000797, contd) (derick)
0000830: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crash when evaluating variables from remote Eclipse IDE (derick)
0000839: xdebug shows wrong data in debug (when using static class vars?) (derick)
0000838: Xdebug shows static vars twice (derick)
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Released 2012-05-07
0000824: XDebug terminates when viewing STATIC variable and 2 or more variables (derick)
0000827: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Enabling Xdebug causes phpt tests to fail because of var_dump() formatting issues (derick)
0000797: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDebug terminates (or Eclipse loses it?) when viewing variables (derick)
0000728: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Profiler reports __call() invocations confusingly/wrongly (derick)
0000819: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug 2.2.0RC2 can't stand on a breakpoint more than 30 seconds (derick)
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Released 2012-04-22
0000751: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xDebug crashes various versions Apache (derick)
0000775: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] eaa74b501c75dcd9c9912d5ef407625b782fcd26 broke resume (derick)
0000662: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] idekey is set to running user (derick)
0000758: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] php_value xdebug.idekey is ignored in .htaccess files (derick)
0000764: [Installation] Tailored Installation instructions do not work. (derick)
0000774: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Apache crashes on POST requests when using xdebug (derick)
0000784: [Documentation] Unlimited feature for var_display_max_data and var_display_max_depth is undocumented (derick)
0000794: [Feature/Change request] Allow colored output on Windows (derick)
0000798: [Documentation] Provide documentation for setting up xdebug.file_link_format to use Netbeans (or any IDE) on Windows (derick)
0000801: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault with streamwrapper, unclosed $fp and xdebug on destruction (derick)
0000808: [Installation] Xdebug doesn't compile on AIX (derick)
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Released 2010-03-20
0000660: [Feature/Change request] Check X-HTTP-FORWARDED-FOR before falling back to REMOTE_ADDR (derick)
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Released 2010-03-20
0000494: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Private attributes of parent class unavailable when inheriting
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