Released 2021-10-04
0001993: [Step Debugging] eval-ing broken code causes stepping to break (derick)
0001938: [Code Coverage] Branches in traits aren’t marked as executed (derick)
0001472: [Tracing] Add assignments to computer readable trace format (derick)
0001986: [Step Debugging] Add support for multiple trigger values (derick)
0001989: [Profiling] Profiling does not output correct class when parent keyword is used (derick)
0001992: [Code Coverage] Code Coverage with filter produces Segmentation fault on xdebug_stop_code_coverage() (derick)
0001996: [Uncategorized] Add support for Closure visualisation in traces, debugging, and Xdebug's var_dump (derick)
0001997: [Step Debugging] Added xdebug_connect_to_client() to attempt a debugging connect while running code (derick)
0001998: [Step Debugging] Double facet attribute generated for enums that are stored in properties (derick)
0001999: [Step Debugging] Add "readonly" facet to PHP 8.1 readonly properties (derick)
0002001: [Profiling] Add 'xdebug.use_compression' setting to turn on/off compression for profiling files (derick)
0002004: [Uncategorized] Figure out what "XDEBUG_SHOW_FNAME_TODO" define is for (derick)
0002008: [Step Debugging] Using the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie could bypass shared-secret checks (derick)
0002009: [Code Coverage] xdebug_stop_code_coverage's argument has type mismatch (derick)
0002011: [Step Debugging] Closures as protected properties have double facet XML attribute (derick)
0002013: [Uncategorized] Support PHP 8.1 (derick)
0001980: [Uncategorized] PHP 8.1: Mark enum classes as "enum" (derick)
0001978: [Uncategorized] Xdebug's log messages are cut off at 512 bytes (derick)
0001537: [Documentation] Add links to documentation to various different "features" after wizard has run (derick)
0001738: [Step Debugging] Add xdebug_notify() function to send data through DBGp to a debugging client (derick)
0001853: [Profiling] Enable profile compression for cachegrind files (derick)
0001890: [Step Debugging] Add connected client and protocol features to diagnostic page (derick)
0001898: [Uncategorized] API for querying the currently active mode(s) (derick)
0001933: [Step Debugging] Allow for cloud ID to be set through the trigger (derick)
0001948: [Uncategorized] Do not redirect warning and error messages to PHP's error log if an Xdebug log is active (derick)
0001949: [Step Debugging] private properties for internal classes can't be fetched for debugging (derick)
0001976: [Step Debugging] Switch debug session cookie to Lax, and remove expiry time (derick)
0001974: [Tracing] Add gzip support to trace files (derick)
0001972: [Uncategorized] Add support for PHP 8.1 Fibers (derick)
0001970: [Stacktraces] xdebug_get_function_stack with unnamed (internal) parameters have wrong index (derick)
0001969: [Step Debugging] Provide breakpoint ID / info in DBGp run command responses (derick)
0001963: [Uncategorized] php exit code = -1073741819 when xdebug.mode = off (Windows Thread Safe Only) (derick)
0002007: [Installation] xdebug 3.x fails to build on OS X 10.11 or earlier due to clock_gettime_nsec_np requirement (derick)
0002018: [Uncategorized] zlib compression support on Windows (derick)
0002019: [Uncategorized] Xdebug crash because of uninitialized memory (derick)
0002020: [Uncategorized] segfault if xdebug.dump.GET=* and integer key without value in URL (derick)
0002021: [Step Debugging] Segmentation fault due to NULL bytes in internal anonymous class names (derick)
0002025: [Step Debugging] Anonymous classes which extend are not detected as anonymous classes since PHP 8.0 (derick)
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