Released 2015-12-02
0001194: When catching assert() from php, error message is html-encoded twice, resulting in unreadable text (derick)
0001219: [Uncategorized] Always add file name and line number to var_dumps, and don't rely on overload_var_dump being > 1 (derick)
0001181: Derived class with __get gets called on fetching base class private property (derick)
0001189: [Uncategorized] Remove address attribute from remote debugging responses, as they sometimes get negative and expose potential security issues (derick)
0001210: [Uncategorized] Code Coverage Causes Segmentation Fault (derick)
0001215: [Uncategorized] SIGSEGV if xdebug.trace_output_dir directory does not exist (derick)
0001217: [Uncategorized] Xdebug messes with catching Error (and inherited classes) (derick)
0001218: [Uncategorized] Xdebug messes with the exception code, by casting it to int (derick)
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