Released 2015-02-22
0000503: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.trace_format=1 shows no variable contents with collect_params=3/4 and collect_return=1 (derick)
0001100: [Feature/Change request] Raise default max_nesting_level to 256 (derick)
0001021: [Feature/Change request] Add support for return values to computerized trace files. (derick)
0000980: [Feature/Change request] Add a serialized format for variables when dumping (derick)
0001022: [Feature/Change request] Add support for serialized output format for collect_params. (derick)
0001023: [Feature/Change request] Add support for PHP 5.6 variadics (derick)
0001034: [Feature/Change request] Implement Branch and Path Coverage (derick)
0001024: [Feature/Change request] Add support for PHP 5.6 ASSIGN_POW (derick)
0001102: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Initiating debugging connections using "php -r" on the command line results in a segfault. (derick)
0001095: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crash when using a non-associate array key in a $GLOBALS element (derick)
0001054: [Feature/Change request] Profiler files need to support filename, function name compression (derick)
0001015: [Feature/Change request] Set display_errors and error_reporting to immutable values (derick)
0001004: [Feature/Change request] Ability to halt on warning/notice (derick)
0001084: [Feature/Change request] Add extended exception class support for break-on-exception feature (derick)
0001094: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation fault when attempting to use branch/path coverage from dev-master (derick)
0001096: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Breakpoint bottleneck in large codebase (derick)
0001111: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] eval does not work when debugger is stopped in xdebug_throw_exception_hook (derick)
0000495: [Feature/Change request] "exception" breakpoint, add type which responds to any error type. (derick)
0000310: [Feature/Change request] Allow class vars for xdebug_debug_zval() (derick)
0000341: [Feature/Change request] Add time of exit for normal trace files (derick)
0000380: [Feature/Change request] need xdebug_code_coverage_started (derick)
0000406: [Feature/Change request] Need to see PHP defines/constants (derick)
0000416: [Feature/Change request] Add return value to computer readable trace format (derick)
0000304: [Feature/Change request] File name and line number info for var_dump() (derick)
0000644: [Feature/Change request] Shared secret for profiler_enable_trigger (derick)
0000722: [Feature/Change request] Add stack trace limit setting (derick)
0000863: [Feature/Change request] xdebug.overload_var_dump cannot be altered with ini_set() at runtime (derick)
0000932: [Feature/Change request] Show an error if Xdebug can't open the remote debug log. (derick)
0000971: [Feature/Change request] Cannot use xdebug_get_tracefile_name() output for xdebug_start_trace() (derick)
0000973: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Breakpoints not triggered on case-insensitive file systems in files autoloaded by spl_autoload (derick)
0000982: [Feature/Change request] Incorrect file paths in exception stack trace (derick)
0001003: [Feature/Change request] Add option to xdebug_print_function_stack() to suppress filename and line number (derick)
0001066: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] E: Could not connect to client. :-( (derick)
0001101: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Debugger is not triggered on xdebug_break() in jit mode (derick)
0001103: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP_NO_EXEC only stops first script executed with auto_prepend|append_files (derick)
0001104: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] "Notice: Corrupt member variable name" on 1-character static property (derick)
0001105: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Setting properties without specifying a type only works in topmost frame (derick)
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