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0001094XdebugUncategorizedpublic2015-02-22 14:30
Reportermichaelmoussa Assigned Toderick  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04.1 LTS
Fixed in Version2.3.0 
Summary0001094: Segmentation fault when attempting to use branch/path coverage from dev-master

I've been playing with the new branch/path coverage available in the latest dev-master and looking into how to potentially use it to generate path coverage reports.

I didn't have any problems when running the xdebug_ functions directly, but once I started using PHP_CodeCoverage, running the script would cause a segfault. I wanted to make sure the problem wasn't anything specific to PHP_CodeCoverage, and it turns out that running xdebug_start_code_coverage(...) from within any* function using the XDEBUG_CC_UNUSED setting causes my PHP to segfault. Works fine in the "root" / "main" part of the script right after the opening <?php tag.

Steps To Reproduce

Compile the latest xdebug dev-master (7c683817d377c5d5f7e518a8f64f8b0898b2e3d6 at the time of this reporting) and run the following PHP script:


echo "Trying with direct calls to xdebug_*...";


echo " done!\n\n";

echo "Trying from within a function...";


echo "...done!\n";

function foobarbaz($number)
if ($number <= 0) {
return 'baz';

if (rand(0, $number) &lt; ($number / 2)) {
    return 'foo';
} else {
    return 'bar';


function thisWillSegfault()

This is my output, every time:

vagrant@packer-vmware-iso:/vagrant$ php segfault.php
Trying with direct calls to xdebug_*... done!

Trying from within a function...Segmentation fault

Additional Information

I ran a git bisect and kept recompiling & re-testing. The first bad commit according to git is commit 960223d3648d40bcbe5a2189f99d4663e98aaff6. Compiling anything before that no longer causes a segfault (but of course the branch/path coverage stuff doesn't work anymore because it didn't exist yet).

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Operating System
PHP Version5.5.15-5.5.19



2014-12-02 14:59

administrator   ~0002923

Thanks for testing this, I'll go and have a look tonight.


2014-12-02 15:04

reporter   ~0002924

Thanks. If it makes it easier for you to test, I'm using the puphpet/ubuntu1404-x64 box as a basis:


Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config| = "puphpet/ubuntu1404-x64"
config.vm.box_url = "puphpet/ubuntu1404-x64"


2014-12-02 21:30

administrator   ~0002926

Fixed in 2.3.0dev, through


2014-12-03 01:29

reporter   ~0002927

Thanks for producing a patch so quickly, but unfortunately I seem to still be having the same problem.

vagrant@packer-vmware-iso:~/src/xdebug$ git checkout f982e62f0cd2a22b01e3fd53cf1e7c116c79772d
-- snip --
HEAD is now at f982e62... Merged pull request 0000135

vagrant@packer-vmware-iso:~/src/xdebug$ make clean && phpize && ./configure --enable-xdebug && make && sudo cp modules/ /usr/lib/php5/20121212/ && php -i | grep 'with Xdebug' && php /vagrant/segfault.php

-- snip configure/compile spam --

with Xdebug v2.3.0dev, Copyright (c) 2002-2014, by Derick Rethans

Trying with direct calls to xdebug_*... done!

Trying from within a function...Segmentation fault

Oddly enough, the test you added passes:

vagrant@packer-vmware-iso:~/src/xdebug$ make test | grep bug01094
PASS Test for bug 0001094: Segmentation fault when attempting to use branch/path coverage [tests/bug01094.phpt]

Out of curiousity, I recompiled it on OSX as well and got the same result, so it isn't specific to this Vagrant VM.

Is there some kind of debugging output I can produce to help you track this down?


2014-12-04 03:57

reporter   ~0002928

I figured out the problem! :) I copied & pasted the test you added to the repo into a PHP file and was able to run it successfully, then compared it to the original sample I included in this ticket.

The test was missing this portion:

echo "Trying with direct calls to xdebug_*...";


echo " done!\n\n";

And that's what made all the difference. The patch fixed the "fails if you call it within a function" issue, but apparently it will still segfault if you call the xdebug_start/stop functions, then call them AGAIN within a function.

Probably an edge-case, so I'll leave it to you to decide if it's worth investigating further at this point. The original reason I opened this ticket has indeed been resolved, though, so feel free to close it out.


2014-12-08 09:47

administrator   ~0002929

Just a quick note - spend some time on this and I see the problem(s). I'll get to it, but it's going to take some time.


2014-12-13 20:32

administrator   ~0002931

OKAY. I've pushed another fix. Care to try it again?


2014-12-16 03:31

reporter   ~0002939

It works now. Thanks a lot for taking care of this.


2014-12-16 10:13

administrator   ~0002940

Awesome, thanks for checking!

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