Released 2016-01-25
0001190: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] All tests that have hard coded directory separators FAIL (derick)
0001220: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segmentation fault if var_dump() output is too large (derick)
0001223: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug crashes on PHP 7 when doing a DBGp eval command (derick)
0001235: [Installation] Xdebug does not compile against PHP 7.1-dev (derick)
0001236: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Unable to remove break points during debug session (derick)
0001238: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] php-fpm7.0 crashed with SIGSEGV in xdebug_var_export() (derick)
0001245: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] xdebug_dump_superglobals dumps *uninitialized* for POST and GET superglobals (derick)
0001250: [Feature/Change request] Add PHP version descriptors to debugging log and profile files (derick)
0001239: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Xdebug on PHP 7.1-dev, crashes due to changes with the CATCH opcode's jump mechanism (derick)
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