Released 2015-11-21
0001129: [Feature/Change request] X-Forwarded-For is not configurable (derick)
0001109: [Feature/Change request] PHP 7 support (derick)
0001200: Differences in code coverage with php 7 (derick)
0001204: [Installation] xdebug_code_coverage.c:542:21: error: 'zend_op_array' has no member named 'brk_cont_array' (derick)
0001209: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault with building a function name for create_function (derick)
0001203: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Accessing static property of a class that has no static properties crashes while remote debugging (derick)
0001202: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Anonymous classes are not handled properly while remote debugging (derick)
0001195: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Segfault during PHPUnit (with code coverage) (derick)
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