Released 2018-01-22
0001506: [Uncategorized] Collect statistics about garbage collection (derick)
0001507: [Uncategorized] Provide access to Zend Engine GC data (derick)
0001515: [Step Debugging] Object property names with a NULL char are cut off at NULL char (derick)
0001512: [Step Debugging] Xdebug does not properly encode and escape properties with quotes and \0 characters. (derick)
0001511: [Installation] Implement CFLAGS selection as mongo-php-driver does (derick)
0001510: [Installation] Change switch/case "break intentionally missing" comments to use GCC 7's new "fallthrough" attribute (derick)
0001509: [Code Coverage] Code coverage missing for case inside switch with PHP 7.2 (derick)
0001508: [Code Coverage] Code coverage filter not checked in xdebug_common_assign_dim handler (derick)
0001503: [Step Debugging] Undefined Property error on CLI when inspecting private property of extended class. (derick)
0001492: [Documentation] Document all new settings and features (derick)
0001454: [Uncategorized] Seeing invalid memory read or segfaults from a __call() method when running unit test (using Phockito) in php 7.1 (derick)
0001514: [Step Debugging] (Root) Variable names with a NULL char are cut off at NULL char (derick)
0001396: [Uncategorized] XDebug causes Notice errors when handling property_get requests (derick)
0001516: [Step Debugging] Can't fetch variables or object properties which have \0 characters in them (derick)
0001517: [Step Debugging] Notifications incorrectly specify the error type in "type_string" instead of "type" (derick)
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