Released 2019-10-31
0001708: [Step Debugging] Xdebug crashes on evaluating object with properties (derick)
0001534: [Uncategorized] Segfault when exception thrown in a closure bound to class scope (derick)
0001665: [Step Debugging] Segfault when overriding a function object parameter + collect_params > 0 (derick)
0001699: [Profiling] Crash during debugging Phalcon project (derick)
0001705: [Step Debugging] Crash while debugging with ionCube being used (derick)
0001709: [Installation] Wrong data type breaks tests on Big Endian build (s390) (derick)
0001713: [Code Coverage] INIT_FCALL is not overloaded in code coverage (derick)
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