Released 2016-08-02
0001293: [Uncategorized] Great integer values ( bigger then 2 ^35 ) are wrong in the debug output, but right in the final php-output (derick)
0001333: [Profiling] Profiler accesses memory structures after freeing (derick)
0001326: [Uncategorized] Tracing and generators crashes with PHP 7.1 (derick)
0001241: [Uncategorized] Xdebug doesn't handle FAST_RET and FAST_CALL opcodes for branch/dead code analysis, and path coverage (derick)
0001263: Code coverage segmentation fault (derick)
0001246: [Uncategorized] Seg fault when running PHPUnit with code coverage (derick)
0001106: [Uncategorized] A thrown Exception after a class with __debugInfo gives 2 Errors (derick)
0001291: [Installation] Debugclient installation fails on Mac OS X (derick)
0001288: [Uncategorized] Segfault when uncaught exception message does not contain " in " (derick)
0001282: [Uncategorized] var_dump() of integers > 32 bit is broken (derick)
0001277: Crash when another extension calls call_user_function() with params during RINIT (derick)
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