Released 2017-12-02
0001455: [Installation] Compile failure on Alpine Linux (derick)
0001384: [Installation] Big red warning during build process (derick)
0000575: [Feature/Change request] Dump super globals contents to error log (derick)
0001430: [Remote Debugging] Fix dbgpClient tests to use the TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE env var to spawn test script (derick)
0001411: [Feature/Change request] Use Error (Throwable) instead of fatal error when maximum nesting level is reached (derick)
0001380: [Feature/Change request] Add xdebug_is_debugger_active() that returns true when debugger is connected (derick)
0001377: [Feature/Change request] Drop support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 (derick)
0001474: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Crashes due to variable resolving/reading mechanism not taking care of temporary hash tables correctly (derick)
0001312: [Feature/Change request] Implement DBGP's extended_properties to support names and values with \0 (derick)
0001484: [Feature/Change request] Use FD_CLOEXEC to prevent debugging FDs from leaking to forked processes (derick)
0000990: [Feature/Change request] DBGp: Add notifications for notices and warnings (derick)
0000847: [Feature/Change request] %s doesn't work in xdebug.trace_output_name (derick)
0001471: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Tracing crashes with return_assignments and ternairy operator (derick)
0001486: [Code Coverage] Crash on ZEND_SWITCH_LONG / ZEND_SWITCH_STRING (derick)
0001470: [Remote Debugging] Make connect timeout configurable (now 200ms) (derick)
0000474: [Feature/Change request] Implement memory profiling (derick)
0001495: [Feature/Change request] file_link_format add filter for doc root (derick)
0001449: [Remote Debugging] Debugging breaks with array element keys containing low-ASCII variable (derick)
0001432: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Fixed memory leak with xdebug_path_info_dtor (derick)
0001431: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] Fix "use after free" with in add_name_attribute_or_element (derick)
0001420: [Code Coverage] Handle PHP 7.2's new methods for switch/case (derick)
0001323: [Feature/Change request] Add config option to enable full paths in trace output (derick)
0001272: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] property_get doesn't return attributes for SimpleXMLElement (derick)
0001452: [Installation] php_xdebug.dll 2.5.5 does not compile (anymore) with PHP 7.2.0alphs3 (derick)
0001391: [Documentation] Add backtrack for xdebug_call_class and related functions (derick)
0001379: [Feature/Change request] Add support for unix domain sockets to xdebug.remote_host (derick)
0001481: [Installation] Test suite failure on big endian (derick)
0001482: [Installation] Change Travis configuration so that it does not run tests even if the compile fails (derick)
0001305: [Usage problems (Wrong Results)] "can not get property" error (derick)
0000964: [Remote Debugging] Xdebug does not parse X-Forwarded-For (derick)
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