Released 2017-04-17
  • 0001404: [Uncategorized] Execution time is calculated incorretly (derick)
  • 0001419: [Profiling] Summary not written when script ended with "pcntl_exec()" (derick)
  • 0001413: [Code Coverage] Line is missing from code coverage (derick)
  • 0001417: [Uncategorized] Switching from global function to static method crashes execution (derick)
  • 0001416: [Uncategorized] Trace files should not include the first result of a generator if it hasn't started yet. (derick)
  • 0001415: [Uncategorized] Crash with multiple catch constructs with OPcache loaded (derick)
  • 0000701: [Uncategorized] Functions as array indexes. (derick)
  • 0001414: [Stacktraces] Missing variable assignment in traces with OPcache loaded (derick)
  • 0001403: [Code Coverage] Code coverage does not cover BIND_STATIC (derick)
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