Released 2018-08-01
  • 0001545: [Step Debugging] Script using notice-generating eval crashes with trap 6 (derick)
  • 0001487: [Step Debugging] Re-enable IPv6 test on Travis (derick)
  • 0001568: [Step Debugging] Can't debug object properties that have numeric keys (derick)
  • 0001557: [Installation] Compile error: "void function cannot return value", in xdebug_stack.c, line 1159 (derick)
  • 0001556: [Stacktraces] PHP with Xdebug enabled crashes when register_shutdown_function() is called with a function named call_user_funcsomething() (derick)
  • 0001543: [Uncategorized] Various memory leaks due to changes in (internal) string handling (derick)
  • 0001532: [Step Debugging] SIGABRT when using remote debugging and an error is thrown in eval() (derick)
  • 0001525: [Stacktraces] Namespace filter does equality match instead of prefix match (derick)
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