Released 2020-01-16
0001727: [Step Debugging] Debugger stops more often than expected due to resolving breakpoints (derick)
0001725: [Step Debugging] 4x debugging performance degradation after update 2.7.2 => 2.8.2 (derick)
0001734: [Step Debugging] Segfault with DBGp "source" with a out-of-range start line number (derick)
0001728: [Code Coverage] INIT_STATIC_METHOD_CALL is not overloaded (derick)
0001731: [Uncategorized] var_dump with DateTime does not output properties (derick)
0001733: [Code Coverage] SEND_VAR_NO_REF_EX opcode, used for require(), is not overloaded (derick)
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