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0001059XdebugFeature/Change requestpublic2014-07-03 10:062017-03-22 15:02
Assigned Toderick 
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Summary0001059: Add filter capabilities to tracing, stack traces, and code coverage.

The call trace feature of xDebug is brilliant. But sometimes it can be very very long, especially when used with a third party framework.

It would be really nice to be able either/both include/exclude namespaces from the trace, so for an application based upon Laravel, xDebug could be setup to not trace into the Illuminate namespace, this reducing the trace log to just my code.

Things could get messy where the first call is to the Illuminate code and then at some point the framework calls my code which is where the tracing is required.

Not really got much of a clue as to what else could be done around this, but I would certainly find it very useful to have such a feature.
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PHP Version5.5.5-5.5.9
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derick (administrator)
2016-12-13 21:30

I would like to do this, but not just for tracing. I am intending to add filtering based on *either* a list of directory prefixes, or a list of namespaces.

With this filter enabled, this would act for tracing, stacktraces, code coverage, and perhaps also profiling (the latter is trickier, as it currently collates times from different functions into one blob).
RQuadling (reporter)
2016-12-14 23:14

That's great. I'm not really able to contribute to the code, but can offer testing support if you need it.
jboffel (reporter)
2017-01-20 03:50

Can't wait for this one! It would drastically speed up my current functional testing with coverage report.

By the way, to make gathering of coverage easier in functional testing context (like JaCoCo) it would help if there were an option to activate code coverage for any request without the need to call to xdebug_start_coverage(). I did a patch to PHP to call those function for me automatically and save the report in a compatible format with PHPUnit tool to merge report but it is very dirty and the lack of blacklist/whitelist in xdebug make the all process slow...
sebastian (reporter)
2017-03-22 15:02

Progress on leveraging this for php-code-coverage (and PHPUnit) is tracked at [^]

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