Released 2012-07-14
0000868: Socket Exception in Netbeans (derick)
0000821: [Tracing] Variable assignments (beginning with =>) should be indented one more scope (derick)
0000800: [Uncategorized] var_dump(get_class(new foo\bar')) add an extra "\" in class name (derick)
0000627: [Uncategorized] breakpoints set in symlinked files are ignored (derick)
0000832: [Uncategorized] There is a seg fault (11) and core dump during debugging in PhpStorm (derick)
0000835: [Uncategorized] xDebug don't work with PHP 5.4.1 (derick)
0000837: [Uncategorized] xdebug crashes on some breakpoints (derick)
0000841: [Uncategorized] xdebug + netbeans + MySQLi => Connection reset (derick)
0000843: [Uncategorized] Text output depends on php locale (derick)
0000831: [Uncategorized] Debugging terminates in Eclipse when viewing variables (0000797, contd) (derick)
0000830: [Uncategorized] Crash when evaluating variables from remote Eclipse IDE (derick)
0000839: xdebug shows wrong data in debug (when using static class vars?) (derick)
0000838: Xdebug shows static vars twice (derick)
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