Released 2012-04-22
  • 0000751: [Uncategorized] xDebug crashes various versions Apache (derick)
  • 0000775: [Uncategorized] eaa74b501c75dcd9c9912d5ef407625b782fcd26 broke resume (derick)
  • 0000794: [Uncategorized] Allow colored output on Windows (derick)
  • 0000784: [Documentation] Unlimited feature for var_display_max_data and var_display_max_depth is undocumented (derick)
  • 0000798: [Documentation] Provide documentation for setting up xdebug.file_link_format to use Netbeans (or any IDE) on Windows (derick)
  • 0000801: [Uncategorized] Segfault with streamwrapper, unclosed $fp and xdebug on destruction (derick)
  • 0000808: [Installation] Xdebug doesn't compile on AIX (derick)
  • 0000774: [Uncategorized] Apache crashes on POST requests when using xdebug (derick)
  • 0000764: [Installation] Tailored Installation instructions do not work. (derick)
  • 0000758: [Uncategorized] php_value xdebug.idekey is ignored in .htaccess files (derick)
  • 0000662: [Uncategorized] idekey is set to running user (derick)
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