Released 2019-08-26
  • 0001540: [Code Coverage] Multiline class instantiate within method call is not covered when using php-fpm (derick)
  • 0001698: [Installation] Switch PHP 7.4 Windows builds back to VS17 (derick)
  • 0001691: [Code Coverage] Incorrect detection: line executed is marked as not executed (derick)
  • 0001676: [Uncategorized] xdebugtrace* deinit and write_footer not called for shutdown functions (derick)
  • 0001652: [Uncategorized] The DBGp "detach" test fails with a segmentation fault (derick)
  • 0001613: [Uncategorized] Wrong error message for Fatal (derick)
  • 0001589: [Profiling] function names used in auto_prepend_file missing from main cachegrind file (derick)
  • 0001573: [Profiling] Using an exception_handler creates an extra broken profiler file (derick)
  • 0001700: [Installation] Xdebug abuses possibilty immutable class flags (derick)
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