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0001067Xdebugpublic2014-11-11 19:48
Reporteraik099 Assigned Toderick  
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Product Version2.2.4 
Summary0001067: No breakpoint validation
DescriptionCurrently it's possible to set breakpoint on a line, where it will never be working.

For example:
$thisLine = array(

won't work no matter where you put a breakpoint.

I see 2 way of solving this:
1. fix problem, that prevents breakpoints on multi-line statements (where ";" isn't present on a line where breakpoint is set) from working
2. add validation to the breakpoint setting call, so that breakpoint can't be set where it's technically can't be pressed

Without this PhpStorm is allowing to set breakpoint in lines, that never work and it's very confusing to realize that code was working in that line and it's a breakpoint that wasn't executed.

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PHP Version5.4.20-5.4.24



2014-07-21 21:57

administrator   ~0002873

Hi. I am going to close this as 'no change required', because Xdebug already has functionality for this:

Xdebug implements a non-dbgp command, called "xcmd_get_executable_lines". It has a "-d" option to select the (stack) depth for which to find out which lines have executable code. And with that, PHPStorm can warn when putting a breakpoint on a non-executable line.

This however, only works for code that has been parsed into internal structures (oparray) in PHP, and it is not (easily) possible for Xdebug to do static code analysis on PHP files. However, perhaps PHPStorm can figure it out from its own code scanning analysis as comments on your links to PHPStorm tickets indicate.

I've also added a comment to the two PHPStorm tickets that you linked against.


2014-07-22 07:06

reporter   ~0002874

Last edited: 2014-07-22 07:06

But in code example I mentioned did the breakpoint really work for you (didn't work for me) not matter on which of 3 lines I place it?

For me it didn't when I've placed it on 1st line.

The code looks like executable one, so the breakpoint should have worked.


2014-11-11 19:48

administrator   ~0002895

Yes, it works just fine. It stops for me on line 3 (which has the 'something')
on it.

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