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0001612XdebugUncategorizedpublic2019-01-17 11:56
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Product Version2.7.0beta1 
Summary0001612: Wrong default parameter when using xdebug

I'm using Debian Buster with PHP 7.3 and xdebug from the distribution.

I noticed the bug in the following code (Stram.php from zend-dactiros):

public function rewind()
    return $this->seek(0);
public function seek($offset, $whence = SEEK_SET)
   fseek($r, $offset, $whence)

$whence is a default parameter and should be SEEK_SET when not explicitly passed. But sometimes $whence becomes null instead of 0 and fseek fails. With sometimes I mean the first call(s) are OK, but then the error happens.
When I change $this->seek(0) to $this->seek(0, SEEK_SET) there is no error, but other code parts may fail.

This happens even if I'm only enabling xdebug but not debugging at all.

My xdebug.ini is pretty straightforward:

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Operating System
PHP Version7.3.0


duplicate of 0001583 closedderick Xdebug crashes when OPcache's compact literals optimisation is on 



2019-01-17 11:51

administrator   ~0004813

This is very likely the same problem as 0001583, which has a workaround:


2019-01-17 11:51

reporter   ~0004814

Maybe this is related to 0001607: As the result I see similar error messages. I haven't tried to disable opcode yet.


2019-01-17 11:56

reporter   ~0004815

Yes, that worked!

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