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0000358XdebugUsage problems (Wrong Results)public2009-03-31 09:28
ReporterpengYouAssigned Toderick 
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000358: xdebug segfaults with php-java-bridge's
DescriptionWhen using xdebug in conjunction with php-java-bridge's xdebug reproducibly segfaults. Email concerning this already have been exchanged on the xdebug mailing list.
Additional InformationReminder:

0000002 0x00002ad745582ac5 in zm_activate_java (type=<value optimized out>, module_number=1156960608) at /home/sdev/src/php-java-bridge/java.c:159
159 zend_execute(ar TSRMLS_CC);
(gdb) list
154 }
155 if(!ar) abort();
156 EG(return_value_ptr_ptr) = &result;
157 current = EG(active_op_array);
158 EG(active_op_array) = ar;
159 zend_execute(ar TSRMLS_CC);
160 #if 1
161 destroy_op_array(ar TSRMLS_CC);
162 efree(ar);
163 ar = 0;
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Operating SystemLinux
PHP Version5.2.5


has duplicate 0000435 resolvedderick php segmentation fault with enabled xdebug 



2008-07-09 16:36

reporter   ~0000865

Hi Marcus!

Sorry for being off-topic here, but I'm experiencing the same problem (luckily I do not need to profile a script which needs the bridge) - anyways - you mentioned in that the usage of is deprecated and that the development on the bridge is stalled. Since we've just started with a new project which uses the bridge, I'm a bit concerned about this comment actually - can you pinpoint me to a discussion or other ressource where you got these information?

Thanks in advance,


2009-03-28 17:30

administrator   ~0000932

I can't fix this as I can't find the source code for the java bridge, and thus not reproduce this problem.


2009-03-31 09:08

reporter   ~0000949

Last edited: 2009-03-31 09:10

Sorry for answering this late, Thomas.
Just to document this in case someone stumbles over this thread: the php-java-bridge is still under very active development as of today as one can easily see at the bridge's site at I was just refering to the bridge's which by now is no longer available.

@Derick: I remember at the time we exchanged emails you said you wanted to fix this bug independently of the bridge, so here are all the source files i could dig up at a sourceforge mirror: It was version 4.3.2 ff. that caused the segfault.

Please note that imho there is no need to reopen this thread. The bridge now handles all php-related stuff via a native script which can easily be cached by opcode caches.


2009-03-31 09:28

administrator   ~0000950

I just had a chat with some of the other people that know the Zend Engine. Running zend_execute() from RINIT is never going to work reliably. As this is fixed in the java bridge, and you shouldn't do this anyway, I'm going to close this issue again.

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