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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00014371   Feature/Change requestminorclosed (derick)2018-01-20Add X-Xdebug-Profile-Filename header
  0001502 1 Code Coverageminorclosed (derick)2017-12-28SEND_REF lines are not marked as covered
  00014981   Feature/Change requestfeatureclosed (derick)2017-12-28Make Xdebug use the new ZEND_EXTENSION API
  00014931   Documentationminorclosed (derick)2017-12-28Run test suite for 2.6.0dev on Windows
  00007023   Feature/Change requestfeatureclosed (derick)2017-12-28Check whether variables tracing also works with =&
  000150141 Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorclosed (derick)2017-12-28Xdebug var dump tries casting properties
  000105912   Feature/Change requestfeatureclosed (derick)2017-12-28Add filter capabilities to tracing, stack traces, and code coverage.


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