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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000911   Documentationminorresolved (derick)2004-09-18breakpoint_remove is not behaving as documented
  00000593   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2004-09-15XDebug suppresses line number reports from "php -l" usage
  00000284   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2004-09-15xdebug_llist_init (l=0x0, dtor=0x190b7d6c <hash_element_dtor>)
  000002313   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2004-09-15core dump with xdebug-current (2003-10-19 19:12 GMT)
  00000651   Feature/Change requestminorresolved (derick)2004-09-15xdebug_get_function_profile doesn't give line numbers
  00000763   Installationblockresolved (derick)2004-08-10Comlie xdebug1.3.2 with php5 on windows
  00000803   Usage problems (Wrong Results)trivialresolved (derick)2004-08-02xdebug.show_local_vars=1 has no effect
  00000661   Documentationtrivialresolved (derick)2004-07-09Downloadable documentation
  00000412   Usage problems (Wrong Results)trivialresolved (derick)2004-05-311.3.0: wrong version in phpinfo()
  00000465   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2004-05-31Segmentation fault with PHP5.0.0b4 in threadsafe
  00000621   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2004-05-31auto_trace to log file does not work
  00000631   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2004-05-15Huge time taken displayed in profile log
  00000613   Usage problems (Wrong Results)trivialresolved (derick)2004-05-15(win) fatal error: undefined function calls
  00000482   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2004-05-11There are not profiling related functions
  00000601   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2004-05-09Strange values with Ambient Code [part 2 ??]
  00000572   Usage problems (Wrong Results)crashresolved (derick)2004-04-08apache crash on Windows
  00000452   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2004-03-16No profiling data returned for last function called
  00000373   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2004-03-16Profiling does not aggregate class methods
  00000263   Usage problems (Wrong Results)minorresolved (derick)2004-03-16Unbelievable value for "Ambient Code Execution"
  00000381   (No Category)crashresolved (derick)2004-01-05Xdebug segfaults with __destruct()
  00000061   Feature/Change requesttweakresolved (derick)2003-12-28Make host/port configurable from .htaccess
  00000175   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2003-12-16Profiling modes 6,7 and 8 don't work
  00000295   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved (derick)2003-12-01the params info returned from xdebug_get_function_trace() is incomplete
  00000153   Usage problems (Wrong Results)majorresolved2003-11-07no output from xdebug_get_function_stack()
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